“Pickled” pink

I used to HATE pickles, and well, I still kind of do. But I have to say I’ve come across some very intriguing pickling ideas from some of my favorite food bloggers. For those of you once fearful of the pickling process (like myself), might I acknowledge that pickling is not just for cucumbers. I don’t mind showing off my naïveté, because I now know that pickles are, apparently, so much more than that.

They can be…carrots. (courtesy of Orangette)

Or, red onions (courtesy of Matt Bites)

Or, watermelon? Huh??? (courtesy of Scrumptious Street)

And, last but not least: Blueberries! (courtesy of I’m Mad and I Eat)

So you see, there are no restrictions when it comes to pickling. And I shouldn’t have been surprised. The site has a ton of pickle recipes. I might even try pickling something myself! Hmm…pickled potatoes anyone?

-Hillary, making herself sick of the world “pickle”…Peter Piper picked a pack of…I’ll stop.
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • http://www.latartinegourmande.com bea

    This is quite a nice list of ideas, indeed! And I love to pickle things!

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  • JEP

    Thanks for adding this to my pickle SE “talk” post!

  • PDS

    I bought some pickled garlic from Cracker Barrel and it is delicious!



    Drain all the juice out of the Dill Pickles,
    Put 1-1/2 cup of Sugar then add the pickle juice and set in Fridgerator
    about couple of days. Check them and see if they are not sweet pickles.

  • Jay Cee Land

    This may not have too much to do w/ the present article, however it does deal with the pickeling process. When that jar of (storebought) pickles no longer contains pickles, slice up a cucumber & drop them in the pickeling solution. Back in the ‘fridge, of course. After a day or so, there you are! Crunchier, & fresher pickles!
    Hey! Try a Bread & Butter pickel & peanut butter sandwhich. Just pat dry the pickles a bit first, their great!

  • Mary

    This site is great. I have lost my recipe for easy hot pickled okra so if you have one I would love to have it.

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Mary –

    Thank you! Unfortunately we don’t have a pickled okra recipe yet, but if you find one let me know or submit it to Recipe4Living!
    In the meantime, you can find some other okra recipes here: http://www.recipe4living.com/Help/Default.aspx?id=52290&keyword=okra

  • http://madeater.blogspot.com cookiecrumb

    Hey, neat! Thanks.
    There are so, so many pickles to try.

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