Where the Buffalo Burgers roam

You see this? You see this right here?


I have tasted Buffalo, and it blows beef out of the water. This ultra-lean patty, served with fried onions and a dab of BBQ sauce–found at a Bass Pro shop restaurant, no less–may have been a little dryer than your average burger, but the flavor…every bite had me grinning dumbly, heedless of bun crumbs spilling down my chin (an awesome pose to strike in front of your girlfriend’s parents, let me tell you). I’ve gotta get my hands on some of this meat. Imagine the possibilities if I got it a bit fattier, cooked the burger with a little bacon, experimented with the bun. I could throw a “weird meat” barbecue with the guys from A Hamburger Today and grill up this, some Ostrich, and maybe one of those bacon burgers I read about a while back…

The coolest thing? For once, after finishing, I didn’t feel like I’d slurped down a grease milkshake. Too often restaurant burgers are an exercise in excess, and I dread the day that my umpteenth bacon cheeseburger kick-starts a tingling in my left arm. This burger left me full, happy, and energized. My only regret is that my beloved iPhone’s camera can’t do it justice.

-Jim, realizing if he doesn’t buy a digicam he’ll never get on Tastespotting again

  • http://crankyfitness.blogspot.com Crabby McSlacker


    I had a buffalo burger on a road trip once and it was awful. However, it was at a funky diner (and not fun-funky, but icky-funky) that was way out in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps they just cooked all the flavor out of it, because it was dry and tasteless.

    I hear buffalo meat is much healthier, so if it really doesn’t taste too bad when properly prepared, maybe I’ll have to give it another shot.

  • http://www.chewonthatblog.com Maxine

    Buffalo meat is actually MUCH lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, so Jim’s suggestion to try to make it “fattier” might defeat that purpose. I don’t eat red meat, so I don’t have much to contribute… but I hear it’s quite yummy!

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Jim

    Yeah, it sounds like your diner’s cooks probably ruined the meat. That said, it IS dryer than beef; probably because it’s so lean, which is why I’d like to get some ground buffalo that’s a BIT fattier. Perhaps its potential is greater as a cut of meat; the flavor was the selling point, not the juiciness. Buffalo steaks, anyone?

  • Chip

    Tasty and slow-The reasons we almost killed them all

    : )

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary Marshak

    Haha, Oregon Trail anyone?!

    Buffalo burgers are pretty delicious.

  • http://theoriesofstring.blogspot.com Sarah

    I tried to get some buffalo, but I died of dysentary.

  • http://zerbebobpldi.net Dianna Zerbe

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