On crepes and David Lebovitz

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say David Lebovitz was stalking me and “Chew on That.” First, it was gelato. Max wrote a post about Wisconsin’s tasty gelato and posted her fabulous picture on Taste Spotting. Suddenly, David Lebovitz is writing about gelato! Hmm… Next, it was crepes. Over the weekend, David writes about crepes and the Magic Pan, where I happened to have eaten lunch last week and planned to write about in the blog today! Coincidence? I think not…

Alright fine, so I just wish David Lebovitz was stalking me, but chances are, he probably isn’t. Either way, something is odd, and I am still writing about crepes today!

Like I said, I went to the Magic Pan last week. I had no idea it used to be around in the 1970s. I thought it was a relatively new establishment, but maybe it’s just new to my neighborhood. Anyway, I ordered the Spinach Souffle crepe, figuring it was good because it was an “original.”

spinach crepe

It was, a bit disappointing. The crepe itself was just fine, but the insides…yuck. Spinach “souffle” was much too creamy, and it kind of tasted like it came from a Stouffer’s creamed spinach box. The only thing that saved this meal from complete disaster was the free cinnamon crepe they gave me at their Parisian street crepe “demonstration.” Leave it to America to implement globalization like you’d never expect: Parisian street crepes in a suburban mall. I bet it was just like Paris. Kidding…

I guess the moral of the story is to make your own crepes, like David does. But it can be pretty hard to master.

Here are recipes from the site to help you out:
Chocolate Banana Crepes (Mmm…personal favorite)
Italian Dessert Crepes
Crepes Fitzgerald

-Hillary, wondering if her “make your own” crepe restaurant idea is any good…
Contact if you’re interested in more details or investing ;0)
Editor, Recipe4Living

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