How versed are you on obscure Roman festivals? Not at all? That’s too bad because today is Neptunalia! Held during the heat and drought of summer in Rome (though not today in NY, it’s pouring), Neptunalia is a two-day festival celebrating Neptune, the god of water of course. According to many sources, not much is know about Neptunalia except that some sort of huts were built and people drank and feasted to heart’s content.

Nonetheless, you can honor Neptune in the summer heat with a few water homages. For those not in the midst of a downpour, enjoy the summer and work on your swimsuit figure with these water exercises. Or stay home and splash in the bathwater with these bath recipes.

You can’t honor a god without feasting. Enjoy a cold, creamy lunch with Cold Watercress Soup, compliments of Wolfgang Puck. Don’t forget about our wonderful watermelon recipes. A couple of my favorites:

Frozen Watermelon Virgin Margaritas

Quick and Easy Watermelon Pie

Watermelon Sorbet

Happy Neptunalia!

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