Your Weekly Vacation

Your Weekly Libation is on vacation this week, namely because while I did spend some time gettin’ up to no good in Elgin during the week none of it involved me making my own drinks. I fell back on my old standby, the Planter’s Punch, while I cheered on strangers for rolling sixes and yelled at them for rolling sevens.

I gotta give you something, though, so here is a Red Panda nom nom nom-ing on some bamboo, courtesy of the good folks at Cute Overload and flickr user Takenzen.

-Jim, wishing we had more cocktail recipes

  • Robin

    Now that is just too cute. Though I doubt it will get me drunk.

  • Crabby McSlacker

    Lacking the necessary cocktail recipe I’ll just have to take out a bottle of wine and toast the little panda with a nice glass of merlot.

    But I am curious–what sort of cocktail goes best with Cloying Panda Cuteness? Something bracing, I would think, as that bear is already pretty damn sweet.

  • Jim

    Probably a shot of bourbon or vodka to set life’s Cute-o-meter back to Neutral, Crabby.

    And Robin, knowing Asia there’s probably SOME kind of liquor derived from SOME part of a red panda, but I doubt I’d ever be desperate enough to drink it.

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