I am weak.

Frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Mini-Cups.

No matter how healthy I try to be, no matter how high-quality I keep my snacks, no matter how many granola bars and fresh grapes and baked chips and guacamole I keep in the pantry, I will always succumb to these completely bad for you, utterly snackable things.

They’re my nemesis, the candy I can’t resist. Even the Milky Ways I love so much often lay untouched in Maxine’s candy dish, but if I see a bag of peanut butter cups before the angel and devil can even appear on my shoulders I’ve already bought it and stuck it in my freezer. There they remain, a guaranteed late-night snack partnered with guilty slugs from a bottle of skim milk (that’s about as helpful as diet coke topping off a McDonalds meal).

How bout you, readers? What utterly bad-for-you foods can you not resist?

-Jim, wishing he would at least get some class and cook some of these instead

  • Chip Wilson


    I have an utterly bad-for-you food I can not resist. It’s called a “Zebra Cake” but I have fondlly termed them “crack” for their addictive qualities. This delicious yellow cake with creme filling covered in white icing and trimmed with fudge stripes is brought into this world by a cute little red head named Little Debbie. This clever girl sneakily changes the name and look of the cakes to match festive occastions…such as a christmas tree during christmas time, hearts for valentines day and she even goes aftter my patriotic heart with stars and stripes cakes.
    Probobly the worst thing about it is that these cakes come in packs of 2 and after you eat the first one you don’t feel any fuller you just have the delious intoxicating taste in your mouth and I have yet to meet a person willing to settle with just one.

    Maybe tomorrow will be the day I can turn my back on the Zebra cake…..there is always tomorrow.

  • Caley

    Omg Chip! They ARE crack! And I know what you mean, changing the shape makes them all the more delectable.

    And then there are E.L. Fudge cookie cravings, Coke, and peach gummy candy- all horrid and all irresistible.

  • Mary Lynn

    Frozen Snickers is my crack of choice!

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