A lackluster stirfry

Maybe it serves me right for going out to eat too much lately, but I went to one of my favorite restaurants last night, and, as you might have gathered from this post’s title, it was a very subpar experience.

Aside from the fact that the circumstances for this meal were awkward (I’ll explain in a minute) to the umpteenth degree, the experience as a whole just plain…sucked.

For one thing, the minute I got up to the vegetable bar to put together my stirfry, a mad rush of teenagers who had never been there before beat me to the line. “What’s good here? I don’t know what to make!” Ugh. It’s a stirfry bar, maybe try the vegetables??? I can still hear their voices a day later, and let me tell you, I was in no mood. It takes a little while for the grillers to cook up your food, so I just wanted to put my food in the bowl and sit back down. ***

Next problem: the restaurant changed their offerings on me! If there is one thing I hate the most about a restaurant, it’s inconsistency. Especially at a stirfry bar! I go there because of the ingredients.  And what do I get? Well I sure didn’t get any mandarin oranges, or cucumbers. I swear the only ingredients they took away were the ones I specifically use. And I was just plain frustrated, to say the least.

Subsequent problems: the pre-cooked rice was crunchy, and the Indian Coconut Curry I savor and crave was not nearly as tasty as usual. Grr. What else could go wrong?

***To explain the awkwardness, as well as the rush: I had a birthday coupon for a free stirfry that was about to expire. I was in the area to meet some friends and all I wanted to do was go there for dinner. Problem was, my two friends weren’t such fans of the restaurant. But, like the good friends they are, they chose to accompany me there and essentially, watch me eat. While I appreciated the gesture dearly, I really hate being the only one eating, so naturally, I was rushed.

-Hillary, reconsidering her list of favorite restaurants because this one also disappointed
Editor, Recipe4Living

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