Baseball park food

Baseball games can be fun for everyone. If you’re not there for the game itself, you have the cheerful atmosphere, the usually great weather, and…the food (and beer.)

Every American baseball team’s home field hosts a different cuisine. Sure, there is a long list of duplicate menu items, but each park features a taste of its very own local cuisine. Chicago’s Wrigley Field has its hot dogs, while San Diego’s PetCo Park (see below) features fish tacos.

Now, I haven’t been to every baseball park of course. Actually I’ve been to very few (namely the ones above, haha.) But I have a few baseball-obsessed friends that got me interested in finding out about all of the featured foods across America’s baseball parks.

So help me out here:

What baseball parks have you been to? And what did they serve?

-Hillary, ::crosses fingers for responses::
Editor, Recipe4Living

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  • Candace

    I went to an Atlanta braves game at Coors Field, Colorado. I had a jumbo hot dog and some yummy garlic fries.

    In Seattle, WA we have fruit on stick dipped in white and milk chocolate, hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, mini pizzas, dippin’ dots, nachos, fish and chips, and much more I have yet to explore!

  • enameldutchoven

    WHen I watch baseball I like to eat a hotdog. The age old favourite. I would like to find out more. Where can I sign up to your RSS feed?

  • favorite recipes

    very informative, i will bookmark this and comeback frequently,

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