Your Weekly Libation: Kir Royale


Leave it to me to recommend another “girly” drink, but two things in my defense:

1) This was recommended by my ladyfriend.

2) It’s really frakkin’ good.

Kir is a mixture of white wine and fruity brandy. Traditionally you’d use currant brandy, which can be tricky to obtain in these great United States; we used raspberry brandy and that turned out just fine. Some people use Creme de Cassis, but the ladyfriend is not a fan. What makes this ‘royale,’ you ask? We used fine Michigan bubbly-wine; any Kir with a sparkling is called Kir Royale.

The wine.

On the subject of that bubbly-wine, “All the wine came from the St. Julian Winery in Michigan…a lovely little winery right by a river. They do tours, tastings, etc, and I’m full of nostalgia for them.” She further explained that St. Julian grows Niagara Grapes, a variety more widespread before every winery in America starting aping the French.

Lousy French.*

The drink, when mixed just right, is exquisite–sweet, light, and way too drinkable for how strong it becomes. Two of these things apiece had us smiling and warm the way only wine will do. I highly recommend it!

Okay, okay, next week we’ll totally do beer. Beer and…like…steak. Yeah!

-Jim is concerned about his masculinity and will make barbecue to compensate

*Jim holds no ill will towards the French, who gave us snooty accents, fine cheese, and the Splinter Cell series

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