I am no foodie.

Don’t get me wrong, I like foodies and love reading about quality foods, but I myself, am just not a foodie at heart. While this question hasn’t really been in consideration as of late, I decided to answer it for myself this afternoon when I needed some fuel in my system.

Here at work, all I had was a can of Spaghetti-Os. Much to their lonesome, they have been sitting on my shelf for weeks (maybe months?) awaiting my consumption. So in desperation, I finally popped the can open and let the microwave have at it. I wasn’t all that excited for the meal (or snack;) I was really just hungry. But the minute I dropped an “O” onto my tongue, nostalgia and satisfaction immediately swam through my tastebuds.

Look how long they’ve been around!

SpaghettiOs ad

So yes, I actually enjoyed my Spaghetti-Os, thank you. Hence why I’m not a foodie. I had the original flavor, no meatballs for me. They were just what I needed to keep me going here at work. But then again, I am a pasta and sauce lover, so why wouldn’t they be?

-Hillary, excited to go the horse races this weekend (no, not to eat horse meat!)
Editor, Recipe4Living

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