POM Tea expands

I know I’ve been sounding like a walking advertisement lately, but I just like to share a good thing when I see it. Can you blame me?

If you’ve lived with me recently (ok, so only a few people can stake claim to that,) you know that I have an addiction to POM tea. Not the POM, as in pomegranate juice, the TEA. The pomegranate lychee green tea, to be exact.

Made by POM Wonderful, the stuff is relatively new. I happened to be there for the product’s birth, and now I am proud to say I’ve watched it grow into…a larger bottle:

POM tea larger bottle

And this, my friends, is GREAT news for me. The producers of POM tea originally only sold it in single serving 16-oz. keepsake glasses. I’m too embarassed to tell how many glasses I had collected over the years….er, months. But let’s just say I could probably have supplied all of your glassware needs (and your neighbor’s.) So, needless to point out, my helpless consumption habits were inefficient for both my wallet and refrigerator.

Solution: the 44-oz. bottle! I couldn’t be happier. Well, maybe if they made it just a little cheaper I could. But either way, thanks POM tea. I was honestly going to write and suggest the larger bottle, but you beat me to it.

-Hillary, little freaked out by the new POMx pills (see below)
Editor, Recipe4Living

POM pills

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  • Alanna

    Hi Hilary, My name is Alanna and I work at POM Wonderful. You should visit the POM Wonderful blog at http://pomwonderfulblog.typepad.com/pom_wonderful/ and let us know what you think about the teas…and anything else. We would love to hear from you!!!!

  • tim

    I am looking for some of the POM tea glasses with lids… if you have extras I would love to buy them from you. Please let me know. tgif66@yahoo.com Thanks! ~Tim

  • Melanie

    I too am looking for some of the glasses. My husband is a pastor and we have an ever growing family and I need some good sturdy glasses like the 4 pom glasses I had before they discontinued them. Do you have extras that I could buy from you? Thanks!

  • Jami

    I would like to buy 6 individual POM tea glasses. If anyone can help locate them I would love it. Thank you!

  • Kayla

    i am look for some of this glasses a set of 4-10 with lids. do you have any more that you would be will to sell to me?

  • http://nanny.1991@yahoo.com Kayla

    sorry i forgot my email. i would really love if you could help me!

  • http://nanny.1991@yahoo.com Kayla
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