An Ode to Pasta and Meat Sauce

I came home from work last night ravenous for a well-balanced and filling meal. Lucky for me, some delicious pasta and meat sauce were awaiting my arrival. In my relief and satisfaction, I realized that this was exactly what I wanted.

To me, there is something comforting about pasta and meat sauce. Maybe it’s the fact that it has been a family staple for years, or maybe it’s the simplicity. Probably both, but the best part about it is how easy and inexpensive it is to cook such a delicious and substantial meal.

So, without further ado… my dinner:

To replicate the image seen here, all you need to do is saute some ground beef. Mix it with Barilla pasta sauce and pour it atop some mostaccioli. Or, you can make your own pasta sauce of course, but store-bought sauces work perfectly well for a quick dinner. Serve with a salad and you’re good to go.

-Hillary, wishing she was back in San Diego
Editor, Recipe4Living

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  • Ruth

    Love the post and anytime you want to share with Presto Pasta Nights, just email me a link to your post and mention Presto Pasta Nights with a link to my page. I’d love to share your dishes with the rest of the Presto Pasta Night Crowd. I post a roundup every Friday.

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