Pop Rockin’ Chocolate

So, I need a favor. About a month ago, I tried a chocolate bar that nearly changed my life. It was an Israeli chocolate bar, but the unique part about it was that it had pop rocks in it! Just imagine that for a second, chocolate with pop rocks. Sounds simple, but it is out of this world, and it created, quite literally, a party in my mouth (I know I’ve used this expression before, but it’s too appropriate here to pass up.)

My problem is, it’s been out of my world for a little bit too long. I can’t find it anywhere! I believe the brand was the Israeli Elite brand (they make a ton of delicious chocolate, you should try it sometime), but their Web site seems to be lacking in the accessibility department. So here’s where you come in. Know of a particular grocery store that carries it, or a website I can order mass amounts of them from? If so, please let me know! My cravings are unruly lately and they need to be fed.

That is all. Thank you.

-Hillary, obviously wishing she was eating chocolate with pop rocks
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • Jill

    I have seen Elite at both Jewel Schucks grocery stores during holiday seasons but I do not believe I have seen the pop rock chocolate bars in the U.S. yet. I will keep looking.

  • Hillary

    Thanks Jill! I’ve seen Elite in a bunch of grocery stores too. They always get my hopes up! They have ones with rice candy and nuts in them, but unfortunately, no pop rocks…

  • Melissa

    You might want to check out Garden Fresh grocery stores. They have a vast selection of all kinds of goodies from different countries and a large selection of what appears to be Israeli foods. I’ve been to the one in Northbrook (Skokie Blvd); I’ll have to take a look for you this weekend when visiting the fam in the suburbs.

  • Hillary

    Thank you Melissa! I’m familiar with Garden Fresh but haven’t checked there for the chocolate recently. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • zengargoyle

    Will watch this with hope, found from google. Worked at a Wild Oats (hippie and import type store) in the mid 1990′s. Co-Worker said try this, it was Raspberry Pop-Rocks in Chocolate and I’ve been looking for it for 10 years now. I don’t remember the name, but check every store of every type trying to find this bar.If I ever find it I’ll let you know. Total Oralgasm.

  • Staci

    Are you still looking for the chocolate??? I have two bars of it form Israel sitting in my kitchen. I’m going to Israel in a few weeks and can restock. If you would like for me to mail you them just for fun, let me know.

  • Donna

    Hi Hilary
    Have never heard of Elite bars, however the title “rockin chocolate” caught my eye. I have just discovered a new “healthy chocolate” that is absolutely the best tasting I’ve ever had. Check out my friends website and tell em you heard about it from Donna
    Hope you find what your lookin for,Donna

  • http://chewonthatblog.com/2007/07/05/pop-rockin-chocolate/ Glenn

    My daughter just got back from Israel and we too love that candy bar and our hoping to find it. Chocolate is delicious and the popping at end is amazing.

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    I love chocolate!and try it this.

  • Bob

    You can find on Amazon.

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