If you haven’t heard yet, the Disney-Pixar movie about an aspiring chef, who just happens to be a rat in Paris, is coming out this Friday (June 29th!) And…

(Yes, that’s me.)

Why? You ask.

Well, for one, I love Disney movies. Two, I’ve been reading and writing all about ratatouille nonstop over the past couple weeks at Recipe4Living.com (go read my article and enter our Ratatouille contest!) And three, what could be cuter than a rat named Remy testing out his skills in the kitchen?

Do you need any more encouragement? Maybe you’re thinking this sounds like an advertisement but I get nothing out of you going to see the movie, honest. I’m just gracefully passing along something for you to enjoy! :)

-Hillary, currently spreading white cherry and Ratatouille love
Editor, Recipe4Living

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