When life hands you leftovers…

Make Leftoverade!

Ok, that was lame, I know. But there is a point to this, I promise! When I was a kid, I was never good at eating leftovers. Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m still not good at eating leftovers. Sometimes, at work, I’ll be good by clearing out my contributions to the communal fridge in order to avoid spending more for a new lunch. But usually, I like fresh. I’m sorry, fresh is just more appealing!

If you think I’m a terrible and wasteful person for thinking this way, just wait two more seconds before you blame me. I have a plan for redeeming myself. Here goes:

There is a new movement called “replating.” This organization, that you can read about at replate.org, defines the coined verb:

Their goal is to spread the word to as many people as possible, making replating a movement that makes sure less food is wasted, and more hungry mouths are fed.

So, I’m doing my job. I’m passing on the word. How’s that for redemption?

- Hillary, about to go eat some leftovers…
Editor @ Recipe4Living.com

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