Friday, baby!

Nearly 5:30 on a Friday evening. All of our readers are gonna have a night out on the town, right? Hit those bars, buy tacos at two in the morning, eat something some guy hands you and then just freak out for a while…

Ah, but slow down there, Raoul Duke. If you’re frugal like me, you want to have the same amount of crazy fun for half the price, right? That’s why I’m going to recommend a cocktail every Friday, one you can whip up yourself without worrying about saving your singles for the bartender. So without further ado, my recommendation for this week:

Planter’s Punch.

This libation’s got a storied history in my family. Responsible for endless nights of drunken revelry and eventual total unconsciousness at a little Sea Island, Georgia pub called The Loggia Bar, it’s delicious, strong, and absolutely perfect to sip (or pound) on a hot summer night. The mix of juices and three kinds of rum will make you feel absolutely tropical, not to mention absolutely…well, you get the picture. And since the Loggia got bulldozed in May, you’ll be drinking a little (or big!) glass of history.

So enjoy, you party people. And remember, always drink responsibly.

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