Ow! My heart, my liver, and my brain!

Oh God.

Some woman from a health nut’s nightmares has created bacon vodka.

Bacon. Vodka.

The thread originally appeared on 4chan’s Food and Cooking board, but was deleted before its madness could reach the rest of the internet, where it would undoubtedly harness man’s collective desires to 1) combine things that should not be combined and 2) harm his liver and his heart simultaneously.

It has since been archived in Google Docs. Enter to see pictures of the entire process and the reaction of 4chan’s forum, but be warned: the language on the site is not safe for work, and the content is not safe for the human mind itself.

  • Sarah

    I am a sucker when it comes to trying anything Vodka but no way ho say!

    Yuck! I am trying my hardest to imagine what this drink (if that is what you call this) would taste like. Hm, well yeah I can’t.

    Gee what next? Rum Pepperoni?

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