Cooking Disaster Carnival (How Macabre)

All the bloggers here at Chew on That love to eat. For example, after a trio of spicy crunch maki on Monday night, I couldn’t turn down two-dollar wings with my beer at the nearby bar. But, we don’t all claim to be master cooks. (Well, maybe Max does when none of the other bloggers are around…I’ve heard things about her risotto) Learning to cook is also about experimentation (and, um, food), and that means things occasionally go terribly but hilariously wrong. I tried to make falafel from scratch once with a mixture that stubbornly refused to remain balled, and ended up with oily muck.

It’s especially fun to hear about these cooking disasters from our fellow food bloggers (some much more seasoned than we).

So, send in your crazy cooking disaster stories for what will be a very amusing blog and article at I’ll be sure to give you some nice link-love at both locations.

Mail me at: caleywalsh at gmail dot com

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