I Want My ‘Cue

Stone’s Bones in Merrillville, Indiana was always a good excuse to drive home to central Indiana from the North side of Chicago, or up to visit my sister in Chicago while still living at home. Good barbecue is an undeniable food passion of mine. Growing up in a very health-conscientious household (applesauce in baked goods conscientious), I developed an even more acute love for such forbidden fare. I loved calling my mom while at college and telling her I discovered items like chicken wings and Philly cheese steaks. *evil laugh*

Tender pork ribs, falling off the bone are pretty close to my food heaven. Thus, when I heard about the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party coming up this weekend, I squealed with delight and about fell out of my seat. Living in NYC in the summertime is the best! Even more thrilling, Serious Eats is giving away two Bubba Passes to the event, complete with the pleasure of Serious Eats guru Ed Levine’s company, and a whole bunch of other ‘cue goodies. Of course I entered!

In sweet, sweet anticipation of my win, here are some of my favorite ‘cue recipes:

Sweet and Spicy ‘Cue Ribs

Real Goooooood ‘Cue Ribs

The BBQ insanity will just not end! Recipe4Living.com is hosting the Ultimate BBQ Recipe Contest. Send in your most creative barbecue recipe and you could win a deluxe gift basket with gourmet barbecue rubs and sauces. Send in an awesome BBQ recipe better than my ribs and I might just flip. (Hardy har har)

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