A Nice Gesture

I received an e-mail from Marybeth Mills , the co-owner of Peekamoose, after my post yesterday. (I felt they should know about the experience and e-mailed them a link). The note was very kind and helped to explain what happened on what turned out to be their busiest night in 2 years. As often happens with truly exceptional chefs and hidden gem establishments, it’s hard to meet the demands of popularity, especially in an area with a small number of restaurants. She assured me that such service is not typical, and that the entire staff would take this constructive criticism as an opportunity to continue to improve. In regards to the tap water, the taste seems to be an issue with which they have earnestly struggled for quite some time, as permitted by Ulster County.

I’m certainly relieved to receive such a response, as I have heard such wonderful things about the food. I’m looking forward to giving the Peekamoose another chance.

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