Bag It!

It seems everywhere you turn these days the subject of “Sustainable Living” is big news. In the last month alone, I’ve ready articles in magazines ranging in content from Better Homes & Gardens to Vogue about the subject. It seems everyone is hopping on the “Green” bandwagon.

And while this is a very good thing, sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So I did a little research into the whole reusable shopping bag market. When I typed the search term “reusable shopping bags” into Google, I came up with 843,000 possible sites. Here is a list of some of some of my favorites:

Reusable Bags
The Cloth Bag Company
The Green Guide

Also, some stores are now providing their own reusable bags that you can purchase for a nominal price. Some of these include:

Whole Foods
Trader Joe’s

Do some of your own research and let us know what great deals you can find on reusable plastic bags.

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