Memorial Day Recipe Suggestions

Since I am running out of time I thought I would ask all of you for some help. This Memorial Day I plan on going back to the Arlington Racetrack in Arlington Heights, Illinois with some friends of mine. Not only are we going to place some bets on our favorite horses but we are planning on spending most of our day/evening there so we are all packing picnic baskets full of goodies to save us some money.

I don’t want to bring the same snacks I brought to the track a couple weeks ago so I need some recipes and suggestions of some great appetizers that will be okay out in the sun for a few hours.

Here is what I plan on bringing and if you guys/gals have any ideas please let me know!!!!!

This is so far all I have come up with. If you can think of anything better I would love to hear from you. Thanks everyone and have a good weekend.
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