Anthony Bourdain speaking the truth about The Food Network

My favorite chef/writer Anthony Bourdain tells why the food network is not a place where ‘real cooks’ are shown…..”I find myself riveted by its awfulness, like watching a multi-car accident in slow motion. Mesmerized at the ascent of the Ready-Made bobblehead personalities, and the not-so-subtle shunting aside of the Old School chefs…”

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    Ready Made Bobblehead Personalities–oh My! lol! I admit I find myself not as riveted to the Food Network as much as I used to be. For a few years now, I guess one could say they’ve jumped the shark ;).

    Who’s that chef that finds people in grocery stores then follows them home to make dinner for them and a guest? I have to admit he’s a cutie, I think the show is on Food Network?

  • Caley

    Haha, the take home chef (Curtis Stone)! I love him. He’s actually on TLC though. Good call.

  • Anonymous

    Though Bourdain is correct in pointing out the need to have a “broad” appeal to an audience that considers Taco Bell authentic Mexican food, without the Food Network and the very stars that he slams so often (Bobby Flay, Emeril, etc.) what is the likelihood that someone like him would have a show on the Travel Network? Would he consider the Food Network more realistic if they showed the Ecuadorian line cooks prepping the steak tartare at Les Halles while he meets & greets in China or South America? Much as I enjoy his sarcastic take, cattiness doesn’t suit him well.

  • Greg Shannon

    I love tony’s show on the food network. I don’t kmow what kind of cook he is or even how good he is. He is an experienced food eater tasting things all over the world much like I did working for the largest potato company in the world. I love his take on food and espically his humor as he tastes all these morsels.I watch his show daily. I have not found a show in years that I must watch. I hope the travel station contiunes his show it really is a blast to watch. I see where Andrew Zimmern is changing his format, I do hope it works for him. I believe the move was a good one as people are really getting bored with all this weird stuff he shoves down his throat. I relly do hope he hasn’t painted himsef in a corner. It seems he was heading that direction. Finnaly, I really think unwrapped should be pulled of the schedule. I never watch it because it’s so boring.

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