To Make Our Lives Easier-Envirosax Bags

I am sure many of you have been in a situation where you are walking out to your car after shopping at the grocery store with several plastic bags in your hands and …..OH NO! One breaks and all your food spills out. I know it has happened to me and not only is it embarrassing but it’s annoying. Or what about the collection of plastic bags you have left over after you put all your groceries away? It’s a waste to throw them all away, but seriously, what are you going to do with them?

That is where the new and creative invention of Envirosax bags come in handy. As stated on the website, “Envirosax bags provide an exclusive range of eco friendly reusable shopping bags, while introducing an exciting new medium for the message of environmental sustainability.” These inexpensive, colorful, and stylish bags will only cost you $6.50 each! So what are you waiting for? For tips on living and eating Green, check out our Eco-Friendly Living section of the site!

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