Put A Smile On Your Face With Fresh Strawberries

Unlike many parts of the country, we’re having some mighty fine weather today. The sun is out and the temperature is in the high 50’s. And although I feel bad for the people on the East Coast, I can’t help enjoying the thought of farm fresh fruits and vegetables. After all, summer is short here and we like to eat our fresh fruits and veggies while we can.

One of my favorite seasonal fruits is strawberries. I know you can get them year round in most parts of the country, but really fresh ones are the best in April, May and June. I absolutely adore this Strawberry Shortcake a la Mode from Wolfgang Puck.

Other great ways to serve this seasonal favorite are Strawberry Vanilla Shortcut and Strawberry Banana Split Cake . But no matter how you serve them, they are high in vitamins and minerals and heart-healthy too. So don’t wait! Go on out and buy a pint of these luscious red beauties today

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