Snow Again!

Well it’s still winter in the Midwest. I can’t remember the last time we had snow this late in the season. I’m sure they’ll let us know on the evening news tonight when we last had snow in April. And although it’s technically Spring, the cold, wet, heavy snow has me hankering for a nice warm stew. So I’ve started a wonderful pot of Simple Beef Stew.

And while I’m thinking about it I’m going to open a bottle of 2005 Domaine de Vieux Chene, Pauys d’Oc which I wrote about at Recipe4Living. This earthy red wine is full-bodied, rich and velvety with a smooth aftertaste. The earthiness is a perfect compliment to beef, lamb or pork.

It’s supposed to be warm and in the 60’s next week. Let’s hope for warmer weather, no snow and a chance to break out the barbeque.

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