Rainy Day Remedy or Do What You Can To Smile

Well, it has been raining and raining and raining, seems like it never ends. I know Spring is supposed to be rain, but I liked the tease of nice weather we had last week. It is a promise to every Doubting Thomas’ who swears that summer will never get here.

So I decided that I was not going to wait for the weekend to relax. I am going to start tonight. I am going to watch Casino Royale, and then make some Triple Addiction Popcorn Treat, or maybe some Easy Microwave Caramel Popcorn.

Whatever the case, I am looking forward to the movie and the munchies. Guess I should worry about dinner first. I think that I will go for something a little healthier, so there are no ‘guilties’ associated with the popcorn specialties.

OK, first on my list is a Spaghetti Salad with the leftover pasta we had last night


l lb. spaghetti
l medium cucumber
l medium onion
2 tomatoes
3/4 of a bottle (12 oz.) Italian salad dressing
3/4 of a bottle of McCormick Salad Supreme seasonings


Cook, drain and rinse spaghetti. Rinse 4 more times. Cube cucumber and dice onion and tomato.
Mix all ingredients. Remix just before serving.

Then, I’ll pop in the movie and get ready to watch with my munchies on my lap. Now I am really looking forward to getting home tonight. Now I only have to navigate the rain, anyone have a boat?

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