I am ready for Spring, or at least BBQ season

I am so ready for Spring, that yesterday when the weather warmed up to 44 degrees, coming off of below zero wind chill, this felt like a heat wave to me. All of the snow at my house melted and I was compelled to take off the cover on my gas grill and light it up. Having done that, I looked through my refrigerator for something to grill. I found some fresh vegetables and they are always my favorite side dish for the grill.

Grilled Skewered Vegetables


1 mushroom
1 piece zucchini
1 piece red pepper
1 piece vidalia onion
1 piece eggplant


Alternate vegetables on skewers. If using wooden skewers, soak in water for at least ½ hour. Barbecue on grill, brushing occasionally with bottled teriyaki sauce. Just grill long enough to get the char marks.

Now I didn’t take the time to put them on the skewers. I have one of those handy dandy baskets in which you can put the vegetable and close it (a square clamshell with a really long handle so you don’t burn yourself). You put it on the grill and flip it over as you grill it.

I added some chicken breasts on the grill and brushed the same teriyaki sauce on them as they were grilling. I made my favorite tossed salad to finish my meal. It made me feel like spring wasn’t that far away. I hear there is a winter weather watch for this weekend, snow expected too. Guess I will have to wait to grill again.

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