Stupid Cupid

Oooooohh how the pressure of Valentine’s Day increases as the day approaches. Perhaps that was melodramatic, but the truth is that it’s easier for those long-established couples out there. Expectations have been clearly spelled out (usually by the female counterpart) and the respective halves (admittedly a slightly creepy expression for your significant other) understand what they need to do on this forced holiday of romance. Many of the men in just such relationships understand that flowers are NOT an option if they expect an amicable continuation of their girlfriends’ affection. (Btw guys, you might want to look into flower meanings before presenting your lady with a bouquet.) When it comes to Valentine’s Day, this assurance of romantic gestures is quite comfortable in couples who have been together for some measure of time.

But then there’s people like me, floundering on the line of a wonderful yet undefined, even “it’s complicated,” relationship. In the beginning of such an emotion thing, either the subject of romantic expectations does not come up or neither party wants to scare the other off with such mushy talk. Worse yet, if something is planned, then you will just have spoiled it with talk. Should one celebrate and/or expect presents, and if so, how!? So much pressure. This is where food comes in.

Food is the neutral zone of gift-giving. And, it’s my game plan for this Valentine’s Day. No, I will not be baking my significant other a giant heart-shaped dessert (adorable, but not right in this situation). Rather, I will go for something understated and classy, like chocolate-covered strawberries. Not to mention strawberries are said to be an aphrodisiac. The message is affectionate, but not over the top. Timing is also essential to my game plan. I am going to present the chocolate goodies a couple days before Valentine’s Day, not only taking the pressure off the big day for me, but giving him a couple days to panic about his gesture. *snickers*

Simply Delicious Strawberries in Rich Chocolate

Chocolate-Dipped Fortune Cookies
Chocolate-Covered Truffles
Homemade Chocolate Truffles
Valentine’s Sugar Cookies

  • A Pelaia

    Chocolate covered strawberries are an excellent way to go! Any gal who loves chocolate and sweets would adore that. :)

    Ari (Baking and Books)

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